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So Halloween is just around the corner! Saturday night I attended a lovely Halloween bash. I dressed up as a dapper dead sailor. This was my first time doing gory make-up and my hair pretty dapper. I think it turned out well.

Second Photo: Me, my gf Emily, and my two best friends as cast members from Orange is the New Black

Third Photo: me and friend Hillary (Joan of Arc!)

What is everyone going as for Halloween? 



I’m re-blogging myself. It’s cool!

Girl in a bow tie: Leisure Life NYC


I had the great pleasure of meeting Charnier Corey the creator of Leisure Life NYC this weekend. His shop is located right in the heart of Clinton Hill (or bed stuy if you will) in Brooklyn, NY.

I was walking down Myrtle Avenue on a cloudy Friday and stumbled upon Corey’s storefront. The logo…


4/4/2013 werk it outfit

  • Bow tie - H&M
  • Jacket - Topman
  • V neck sweater- Gap
  • Short sleeve button down - Uniqlo
  • Straight leg chino - Gap
  • Belt - American Apparel
  • Chukka boot - Jcrew
  • Socks - Uniqlo
  • Glasses - fake ray bans off the street

Spring has sprung my loves



re-blogging my other blog, blog

Nick Offerman break dances on Late Night (X)

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